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The Evolving Role of CFOs among Manufacturers and Distributors

Read this report to discover how access to B2B-related data is driving awareness upward towards CFOs, and how they are becoming more involved in business processes across the organisation.

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Amazon Business: The Challenge Facing Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing

Amazon Business is rapidly disrupting the wholesale distribution and manufacturing markets. Its continuous global expansion is putting pressure on companies to re-evaluate their business operations in order to deliver on the changing customer demands. You have two options—do you partner, or do you compete?

Download this white paper to explore your options, and learn the six steps you need to take to secure your place in the market.

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Surviving the Amazon Effect

Amazon’s move into the B2B market with the launch of Amazon Business is having an undeniable impact on the Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing industries. Amazon’s expertise in customer experience is drastically altering the expectations of today’s B2B buyer. Organisations that are not preparing to compete in the Amazon Era are at risk. This white paper explores ways you can differentiate and optimise your business to survive in the Amazon era.

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Three Critical Components to Achieving the Perfect Order

In an age when the optimal user experience is critical to business success, retailers, manufacturers and distributors must constantly meet and exceed ever-changing customer expectations. Whether that’s of a buyer from a business you sell into, or a direct-end consumer—the ability to complete the perfect order is critical in building customer loyalty. Download this white paper to learn more about the key components for building a strategy that provides a seamless, omnichannel experience across all of your stakeholders.

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Bring Your Wholesale Distribution Business into the 21st Century with NetSuite

Wholesale distribution companies today are challenged to keep up with the ever-changing business world. With the introduction of new technologies, everything is faster, global and more competitive. This checklist will guide you through what is required to ensure your Wholesale Distribution business is effectively competing in today’s market.

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Stories from the Frontline: The Cloud Addresses Key Trends in Distribution

The distribution industry is evolving more rapidly than ever before. From increased competition and changing business models to a barrage of new, innovative technologies, the way distributors do business is starkly and fundamentally different than it was even five years ago. In an age with such pronounced structural change and competitive pressures, to risk not changing is to risk failing. Download this ebook to learn more about the five key trends distributors need to pay attention to as they adapt and innovate to the changing industry.

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Rethinking Business Model Design for Distributors

In this exclusive EBook, read the transcript from Saul Kaplan, founder and Chief Catalyst of the Business Innovation Factory, about how distributors should be rethinking their business models and the importance of innovation.

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Wholesale Distribution EBook

This comprehensive EBook provides an overview of NetSuite's offering for wholesale distributors including customer videos, key features and benefits and additional resources about how NetSuite can help your Wholesale Distribution business.

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NetSuite Ecommerce to Suite or Not to Suite

In this analyst white paper by Cindy Jutras, , Ecommerce: To Suite Or Not To Suite, discover how the NetSuite ecommerce system is evolving into an integrated commerce platform, called Commerce as a Service, that can drive innovation and growth across multiple channels and devices.

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Is it time to Purchase ERP

In this analyst white paper by Cindy Jutras, find out when is the right time to consider ERP replacement and why switching ERP systems shouldn't be thought of as brain surgery.

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ERP for the SMB

What makes an enterprise solution—ERP—different from other technology offerings? Today there are so many software categories that users can often be confused about what they need to buy. This is especially true for small and emerging businesses that are on a growth curve and are struggling with many IT decisions. Your ERP choice should be made according to your core business strength: Look for the best-in-class capability for the most critical element of your business. In this report we will align these core needs to the capabilities of the ERP solution provider.

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ERP in Wholesale and Distribution

In this new Aberdeen Group white paper, look at how ERP is giving leading wholesale distributors a quantifiable edge over competitors. Based on an industry survey, Aberdeen analyses how ERP helps wholesale distribution leaders slash operating costs by 17% and achieve inventory accuracy and on-time shipments of 95% or more.

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Cloud Enables High Velocity Growth

The opportunity for differentiation and high growth in the wholesale distribution industry has never been greater. How do wholesalers ensure they can take advantage of the opportunities in today's marketplace? In this exclusive white paper by ChainLink Research learn how high-growth wholesale distributors are using cloud ERP to power their business, gain breakthrough efficiencies and seize competitive advantage.

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Nucleus Research: Independent Evaluation of NetSuite Wholesale and Distribution Customers

When Nucleus examined wholesale and distribution customers using NetSuite, analysts found it enabled them to improve reporting and increase efficiency. Customers said NetSuite had helped them to improve margins, increase customer service and satisfaction, and reduce costs.

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W-D For the 21st Century

The wholesale distribution industry thrives on speed and efficiency—not on managing disconnected IT systems for finance, order and inventory management, ecommerce and more. This independent white paper from ChainLink Research provides details about how cloud computing gives wholesale distributors and light manufacturers integrated business management software, accessible anywhere and anytime through a web browser.

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The Benefits of Integrated Business Management Software for Wholesale Distributors: Overcoming the Barriers of Stand-alone Business Applications

Addressing the mish-mash of disconnected applications is the first step a wholesale distribution company can take to gain better control of its business operations and increase the efficiency of those operations. This NetSuite white paper on growing businesses looks at the value of a single integrated suite of software in providing significant advantages to the business, accommodating the breadth of the company's business processes, while providing the flexibility for even small companies to tailor the suites to meet their specific business needs.

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