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The 9 Key Growing Pains Fintech Companies Experience and How to Overcome Them

As investment in Fintech startups continues to rise, the range of areas that Fintechs are competing in and disrupting continues to grow. Discover the latest trends in the Fintech sector around investment, technologies, products and customer markets.

Download our white paper which addresses the 9 key growing pains for fintech startups and looks at how they can tackle them to ensure they are equipped to attract investment and scale up rapidly.

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Securing New Investments: A Scale-Ups Guide

Scaling a small business with the help of investment is a proven strategy for fast growth and success in many companies, but often the initial step is the hardest—knowing how to get investment in the first place. Read this white paper to learn what are the key metrics a likely investment prospect should be able to produce.

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Becoming ‘Finance Led’: The Challenges and Opportunities of IFRS 15

The objective of IFRS 15 appears straightforward. But CFOs and their finance functions are discovering that, while clear in principle, IFRS 15 is anything but that in practice.

The standard sets out to make the recognising of revenue, and its subsequent reporting, more transparent for investors and other users of financial statements.

However, the process of understanding all your products and services and how they are placed into contracts is difficult.

This paper takes you through how it is time for businesses to put plans into place and prepare for the new regime.

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Preparing for the New Rev Rec Standard with NetSuite

The new revenue recognition standard, IFRS 15, constitutes the biggest accounting change in over a decade. Download this white paper to learn how NetSuite's Advanced Revenue Management solution enables you to streamline revenue accounting function to ensure compliance with current and future FASB and IFRS guidelines.

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Countdown to IFRS 15: Revenue from Contracts with Customers. Is Your Organisation Ready?

IFRS 15 is going to have a considerable impact on some entities' processes and all entities that report under IFRS will be under the scope of the new revenue recognition standard. Download this white paper to find out how 'IFRS 15 – Revenue from Contracts with Companies' will affect how your organisation recognises revenue.

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From Startup to Global Enterprise: Unlocking Your Software Company's Full Potential

Software and technology companies operate in one of the most rapidly evolving industries of all, with seismic shifts in development, infrastructure, customer expectations and business models. Companies can go from startup to IPO to global enterprise to acquisition in just a few years. Finding a business system that can keep up with this change remains a key priority.

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Aberdeen Group Research: Taking the Complexity out of Complex Projects in the Software Industry

Leaders in the software industry excel with on-time project delivery that delights customers while balancing quality, speed, and cost to ensure maximum return on valuable resources. This Aberdeen Group research report shows how best-in-class software organisations deliver projects on time and within budget. Based on a survey of 349 organisations, this report details the technology enablers that industry leaders use to achieve real-time visibility across projects, optimise resource management, and deliver 97% of projects within budget and 92% of projects early or on time.

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The Recurring Revenue Model: Challenges and Best Practices

One of the biggest challenges facing software industry executives is adopting the subscription, or software-as-a-service model. The SaaS world of recurring revenue is vastly different than the perpetual license model. Learn more about what it takes to grow and manage a recurring revenue business in this executive brief by NetSuite CFO Ron Gill. Drawing on his experience at NetSuite, Gill outlines why recurring revenue businesses require a fundamentally different approach than those built on one-time purchase cycles. Best practices and practical examples are provided based on NetSuite's own success in achieving rapid revenue growth with a recurring business model.

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IDC Market Spotlight: The Rise of Subscription Software Licensing

This exclusive analyst report is based on recent research by IDC and provides insights into the evolution of software licensing, as well as the benefits and challenges associated with the subscription model. IDC's Research Vice President Amy Konary offers advice both for software companies who are looking to offer their solutions via a subscription, as well as enterprises who are considering this approach to purchasing software. This complimentary IDC research report outlines strategies to help companies adapt and take advantage of the changing landscape in software subscription and revenue models.

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Managing Growth in 2012

This independent market assessment, conducted by Loudhouse Research, canvassed 300 senior decision makers of software and IT services companies across the world, with responsibility for finance or operational planning with strategic and budgetary accountability.

Managing Growth in 2012 highlights key trends and unique insights into the external and internal challenges facing the IT sector, and recommends best practices for optimising growth and profitability in 2012 and beyond.

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Nucleus Research: Independent Evaluation of NetSuite Software Customers

Many software companies invest in NetSuite to help them grow their business while managing IT and administrative costs. In its analysis of NetSuite software customers, Nucleus found NetSuite drives increased visibility and productivity while improving financial management.

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Three Keys to a Strong Financial and Operational Roadmap: What Software Companies Must Do to Succeed and Grow in an Economic Downturn

This brief from NetSuite COO, Jim McGeever, shares his perspective on effective financial and operation management of a software company. Jim discusses how to balance the competing needs to pare costs while preserving operational health, and having better understanding and control of your business processes.

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Getting Your Finance Processes in Shape for EITF 08-01 and EITF 09-03

This financial executive newsletter, written by NetSuite Chief Financial Officer Jim McGeever, provides insights into the new Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) revenue recognition rules EITF 08-01 and EITF 09-03. Anyone who sells products or services that are delivered at different times could be affected by these rules. This is the most widespread change to revenue recognition rules in recent years and will affect many companies across a broad range of industries. This newsletter explores the latest FASB rules and identifies some of the key considerations that you should apply to your business.

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How to Survive—and Thrive—In the New Software Industry

Today's software vendors face a new kind of challenge: how to prepare their businesses to meet new software delivery models that are adding layers of complexity onto the already-complicated processes of financing, producing and billing for software licenses and related maintenance and services fees. Whether your business is SaaS, on-premise, or navigating the two, this paper provides you with strategies you can use across finance, sales, service, and IT to maximise your company's business performance. It provides comprehensive business insights garnered from NetSuite's experience in helping hundreds of diverse software companies maximise their own performance.

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