NetSuite for Investment-Backed Companies

NetSuite understands that companies backed by investment at any stage have a unique DNA in terms of their business needs, growth and M&A activity. Often operating under accelerated timelines and aggressive budgets, we recognise that you may have different management structures as a result of the ownership, so requirements are often varied. To support such companies, NetSuite’s dedicated team has specialist knowledge and relationships with investment firms of all stages, meaning that we can provide you with executive alignment throughout your entire business lifecycle, from pre-funding to exit.

Find out how a single, unified, cloud-based platform delivers value to Investment-backed companies.

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Value Creation for Investment-backed Firms


Investment-backed companies often grow by acquisition. NetSuite's scalable platform enables companies to quickly and easily integrate add-on acquisitions and accommodate even the most aggressive growth plans.


A new source of funds often fuels international growth, opens new distribution channels and accelerates organic growth. NetSuite’s single platform allows multicurrency consolidation, and provides a single source of data and a 360 degree view across a whole business—all in real-time.


Investment may enable a business to add new revenue streams, or enter new markets. Regardless of how the business model may strategically evolve, NetSuite supports these changes with flexible, best-in-class technology, to accommodate a fast growing and changing business.


Investment-backed companies have zero tolerance for inaccurate or delayed financial reporting. NetSuite’s real-time visibility ensures the data is correct and available to the stakeholders who need it. Customisable roles and responsibilities ensure only the appropriate parties have access.

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