Course Objective

Have you seen an increase in the change frequency and complexity of your workflows as your business grows? Do you need to support more complex workflows to meet the changing needs of your business? Take your SuiteFlow development skills to the next level with SuiteFlow: Workflows for Developers.

Geared towards the experienced technical NetSuite user, this three-day, advanced-level SuiteFlow: Workflows for Developers course, helps you build upon your existing knowledge of workflow development, enabling you to create more complex business processes using NetSuite’s point-and-click business process automation tool—SuiteFlow.

The course begins by quickly introducing fundamental concepts of building workflows in SuiteFlow. From there, you expand your skill set by examining more technically advanced capabilities of SuiteFlow, such as scheduling actions and transitions to support Service-level Agreements, configuring transitions based on changes to data in related records, using modularised workflow design principles to create sub-workflows supporting parallel processing, and more.

You apply the knowledge and skills learned throughout this course by completing hands-on exercises that guide you through the implementation of real-world business requirements and common use cases.

This course is right for you if you...

  • Are a software developer, technical administrator, or technical consultant who is already comfortable creating workflows and needs to learn how to support more complex business processes and use cases

Key Tasks Taught: How do I...

  • Incorporate modular workflow design principles to reduce workflow complexity?
  • Add field, form, and record-level validations during data entry, load, and save?
  • Create approval processing workflows with sequential and multiple approvals?
  • Configure Service-level Agreements using scheduled actions and transitions?
  • Conditionally transition workflows and execute actions based on Saved Search results?
  • Alter the state of a workflow based on changes to data in related records?
  • Configure business processes that run in parallel using sub-workflows?
  • Embed SQL and SuiteScript formulas in conditions to support more complex business rules?
  • Configure Workflow Action Scripts to support custom actions?
  • Execute workflows in different contexts, such as User Event Scripts, Suitelets, and mass updates?

Duration: 3 days
Price: $2,400 USD

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