Environmental Commitment Ripples Through Waiakea Volcanic Water’s Growth Story

While in college, Ryan Emmons was puzzled that so many beverage companies hadn’t attempted to address consumers’ issues with environmentally friendly and ethical packaging and sourcing. He went on to found Waiakea Water with access to a sustainable aquifer at the base of the Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii using bottles made from 100% upcycled materials. The company now produces and ships over 10,000 gallons a day while fully offsetting its carbon footprint through its renewable energy facility and its local and regional reforestation projects.



Waiakea Water


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SAP, Expandable

NetSuite Products Implemented

Advanced Manufacturing

“NetSuite has allowed us to scale exponentially while maintaining a lean team. ” Adam Schechter, CFO, Waiakea Water
“NetSuite has allowed us to scale exponentially while maintaining a lean team. ” Adam Schechter, CFO, Waiakea Water

From the Shadow of Mauna Loa to the Globe

From the Shadow of Mauna Loa to the Globe


Live healthy, live sustainably mantro key to success

Waiakea is filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock that enrich the water with trace minerals and make it naturally alkaline. This, coupled with Waiakea’s social initiatives and local programs allowed it to outperform competitors during an initial placement at Whole Foods, ultimately allowing Waiakea to obtain additional financing, enabling the company to scale up production with a new bottling facility.


Confronting challenges of scale within limited ecosystems

Running financials on QuickBooks, CRM on Salesforce.com and inventory on spreadsheets, management knew it couldn’t continue to scale the business with manual processes and systems that weren’t integrated.


Doubling revenue annually

Waiakea chose NetSuite as a system that could scale with its growth and doubled its revenue in each of the next four years, selling to 10,000 stores in 48 states at retail partners like Target, Whole Foods, and Wawa.


Charity commitment continues

Aiming to be the envirotech leader in beverage by 2025, Waiakea has built out the most advanced beverage facility in Hawaii. It continues to expand and support its charity work including providing fresh water to Malawi, supporting local native Hawaiian communities and allowing employees to use work hours for community service.


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