Customer Learning Cloud Support Pass

Boost Productivity, Empower Users and Maximise the Use of NetSuite

With the Customer Learning Cloud Support Pass, you have access to the most extensive NetSuite learning offering available.

The Customer Learning Cloud Support Pass gives you 24/7 access to all of NetSuite’s online courses with one subscription fee. As a cloud solution, you will have access to on-demand learning content—anytime, anywhere.

In order to help your organisation grow, scale and adapt to change in a time-efficient manner, whether you are new to NetSuite or have been using NetSuite for years, the Learning Cloud Support Pass allows you to get the most out of your NetSuite solution.

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  • An easy way to learn NetSuite that fits into your schedule 24x7.
  • On-demand access for one named person per pass to expert-led learning.
  • Apply and practice new skills with hands-on exercises.


*Pricing will vary depending on country and region.

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Learning Cloud Support Pass contains online access to the courses included as detailed in the description (for the number of specified users for the contract term, each person is a “confirmed user”).

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