The SuiteTraining Blended Learning format offers all the benefits of a virtual classroom with added flexibility.

Blended learning days are broken into blocks—virtual classroom hours and independent study time. After registering for a blended learning class, you will receive the class agenda with the specific lecture and independent study hours.

The lectures are facilitated by experienced NetSuite instructors, who are also experts at working in the virtual environment. Students are encouraged to ask questions, engage in text chat with the instructor or other students and participate in group activities and interactions.

The independent study allows students to work at their own pace to complete hands-on exercises, watch training videos, take knowledge checks and listen to podcasts. With independent study, you can continue to do your job: respond to email, attend meetings and meet with clients while attending the critical training you need.

The instructors also provide an environment for getting help, asking questions, working on your own and with other students.

What do customers think of Blended Learning?

“I like the format of reviewing each section in class, go away and do it, then revise it.”

“You could certainly get the info you wanted & could easily get help from the facilitator.”

“It was a great course especially for users who have no experience at all with the product.”

“I really liked the virtual format. It gave time to review concepts.”

“Good format. A lot of information. Definitely useful before kicking off the implementation process.”

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