Advanced Customer Support

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Proactive Approach for All Your Solution Optimisation Requirements

Your business is not static. Software continues to change. Your initiatives continue to change. Your knowledge of the solution continues to change. You need your solution to scale alongside your business—and you need a proactive managed service to make that happen. Advanced Customer Support (ACS) allows you to react to all of these changes and maximise the value of your NetSuite solution on a continuous basis. NetSuite has created a single offering to meet all your implementation guidance, sustainment, optimisation, and adoption needs, across all products and all markets.

ACS offers four levels of support: Advise, Monitor, Optimise and Architect. As your solution complexity and resource requirements increase, the appropriate level of support also increases. No matter the solution complexity, NetSuite experts are here to scale alongside your business.

ACS Advise

Advise is the entry-level ACS offering and is available for those just getting started on NetSuite. Advise has access to a shared pool of NetSuite specialists to provide reactive product guidance and system troubleshooting.

ACS Monitor

For established organisations seeking simple technical and functional support, Monitor includes more hands-on execution. A designated functional consultant will assist with project activities to ensure key milestones are met in a timely fashion.

ACS Optimise

Optimise provides expert solution management to provide a deeper and more proactive engagement. You will partner with a designated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to ensure strategic milestones are accomplished and work with a functional consultant to optimise your solution.

ACS Architect

For enterprise businesses with complex international or subsidiary configurations, Architect delivers a best-in-class solution designed for optimal scalability and performance. Architect also provides comprehensive support with a senior CSM and a named team of expert technical, functional and support resources.

  Advanced Customer Support
Business Solution Advisement
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Technical Development
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Release Management
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Performance Monitoring
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Remediation Support
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Annual Reviews
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Technical Support Team
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Solution Architecture
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