Simplify the returns process and turn a negative into a positive with awesome communication and execution

When a customer chooses to return a product, the reason they are doing so isn’t really important. What is important is that you delight them with awesome communication and efficient and clear steps in the process. NetSuite’s return material authorization feature is integrated into the customer support area and is often kicked off and managed through the support / case management area. This allows us the ability to easily track recurring issues over time and provide strategic insights through dashboard analytics .


RMA Management

In an ideal world, every product that you sell will work flawlessly from the day its received throughout its entire lifecycle, however that’s not always the case. With NetSuite's native return materials management functionality, you can easily turn a negative situation into a positive one with a quick and efficient process revolving around case management that lets everyone know what's happening. From the first contact to let you know a return is imminent your customer is kept up to date with email updates and access to a unique portal where they can update any additional information.

Key Capabilities:
  • Support Portal for after hours support and processing
  • Automatic updates and efficient communication
  • Issue tracking to identify possible design flaws

Customer Refund Management

Once an RMA number has been assigned it's critical to identify the next steps whether they be to advance ship a replacement, ship upon return, return for investigation / repair or even issue a refund. In all cases NetSuite will walk you through the steps required to ensure the optimal result. Should a refund be warranted, these can be easily processed with payment being in the form of either a cheque or a credit card refund charge.

Key Capabilities
  • Automated refund processing
  • Workflow approvals to ensure procedural compliance
  • Multiple payment methods and account updating

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