TOP Step Able to Practice What it Preaches with NetSuite OpenAir

TOP Step presented NetSuite with a special challenge: to serve as its founding IT platform. CEO Jodi Cicci worked with NetSuite's OpenAir professional services solution as a project manager with Software AG, and her experience with the product inspired her to launch an OpenAir consultancy. It was only logical that she'd run her business on the very platform she'd help clients optimise.

TOP Step


TOP Step


South Riding, Va.


Professional Services


None; company launched on OpenAir

Netsuite Product Implemented

NetSuite OpenAir PSA


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“NetSuite OpenAir helps us keep projects on track and on time, and it’s very easy to run profitability reports at the project level.” TOP Step

TOP Step Tops Competitors with OpenAir

Experience expands capabilities
TOP Step's experience with OpenAir translates into customer enablement as the company constantly refines its abilities to optimise OpenAir environments and train personnel. It also has built an OpenAir community by creating LinkedIn and regional user groups. Internally, OpenAir's integration has streamlined TOP Step's lead-to-cash lifecycle.
Excelling on every front
NetSuite has helped TOP Step to fire on all cylinders. Named a six-time "best of the best" services firm by SPI Research, the company has outperformed industry averages in revenue gain, on-time delivery, utilisation and bid-to-win rates.
Powering the business with OpenAir
With OpenAir serving as an instrumental growth and business performance platform, TOP Step relies on NetSuite for everything from project management and resource optimisation to accounting and profitability reporting. That depth of experience empowers its powerful "practice what we preach" philosophy.


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