Theragun, LLC

Doctor Makes the First Percussion Massager to Help People Live Pain-Free Lives

In 2007, Dr. Jason Wersland found himself tinkering around in his garage, assembling a homemade device to help ease the major pain inflicted by a recent motorcycle accident. He didn’t know it at the time, but the end result would become the foundation for Theragun, LLC, maker of the G3PRO neuromuscular percussive therapy device, which relieves pain by applying concentrated pressure deep into muscle tissue.

Theragun, LLC


Theragun, LLC


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“We move really fast, so we like the customisability of NetSuite and how it’s turning in the direction that we want it to go in.” Kevin Crowley, Accounting Manager, Theragun, LLC

Scaling Fast and Staying Flexible


Giving people a better quality of life

Theragun has made eight different models, the latest of which included a collaboration with MIT sound engineers. Theragun created the space and brought the product to market—starting with celebrities looking for pain relief and spilling over into competitive sports. Wersland built the company with a goal of giving people a better quality of life and new ways to “connect ” with their bodies.


From celebrities to professional athletes

Often challenged by copycats that have discovered the percussion therapy market, Theragun’s growth is in part due to its presence in professional sports. Atlanta receiver Julio Jones was spotted using it on his hamstrings between possessions during a game, and Kyrie Irving had a trainer use it on his back and shoulders during the NBA Finals.


Wanted: One source of the truth

The company’s steady growth pushed it to the point where its QuickBooks system couldn’t scale. It selected NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP system to deliver one source of truth across all fulfillment and accounting activities.


Changing lives for the better

Theragun’s products are used by over 250 professional sports teams, physical therapists, trainers, athletes and individuals in more than 40 countries. The biggest “wins” come from cerebral palsy patients or pain-sufferers who get long sought relief from the G3PRO model.


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