Home Decor Retailer Grows Revenue 43% Over 4 Years With NetSuite

Southern charm meets old-world elegance at The Royal Standard. The home decor and entertaining essentials company was founded when a European trip sparked the idea for a range of accessories that combined timeless elements with modern style. Headquartered in Baton Rouge, The Royal Standard runs seven retail stores and two wholesale showrooms in the Southern US, partnerships with independent boutiques throughout the country and an ecommerce site.


The Royal Standard


Baton Rouge, Louisiana




100 to 249


$20-25 million

Application Replaced


Other Solutions Considered

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise
Sage 200


NetSuite ERP
NetSuite SuiteCommerce
NetSuite Financial Management
NetSuite SuiteAnalytics
NetSuite Advanced Customer Support


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“NetSuite has allowed us to increase revenue 43% over the past four years while keeping payroll expenses relatively flat—only a 6% increase in the same time period.” Emily Dykes, Vice President, The Royal Standard

A Conquest for Company-Wide Efficiency

QuickBooks as a royal pain
The Royal Standard switched to NetSuite ERP about 10 years ago, as its on-premises QuickBooks system couldn’t easily handle the transaction volume that came with opening new stores and expanding into wholesale. Inventory management immediately improved thanks to a real-time view of items that were available, in transit and on order across all store locations—instead of just items in The Royal Standard’s distribution center.
Ecommerce is king
More recently, The Royal Standard brought its B2C and B2B ecommerce sites onto NetSuite SuiteCommerce. Back-office inventory data automatically syncs to the sites, eliminating the risk of customers ordering items that are already out of stock—a real concern given the company’s limited-edition inventory. B2C site sales have increased 100% in the two years since The Royal Standard started using SuiteCommerce, and B2B site sales are up 46% this year—achievements which its vice president attributes to NetSuite’s capabilities.
A standard of automation
The Royal Standard uses automation to handle impressive growth with a lean team. For example, whereas working on QuickBooks required manually prioritising orders for fulfillment each day, the team uses NetSuite to generate a prioritised list automatically. Orders flow through inventory system RF-Smart and then ShipStation, both of which are integrated with NetSuite. Financial reporting happens in the ERP instead of spreadsheets, and bank feeds cut down on manual work, too.
Growing the dynasty
The Royal Standard continues to unearth new efficiencies as it grows. Any process improvements that require more than a couple hours of work are handed off to NetSuite Advanced Customer Support, which delivers solutions like the recent development of gift card balance-checker for the B2C site. The Royal Standard plans to make more ecommerce improvements in the short term, integrating the sites with Google Analytics and Faire, the online wholesale marketplace, to keep refining the experiences of both users and staff.

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