Tanabe Consulting Group Replaces 9 Business Systems With NetSuite, Increasing Efficiency and Lowering Costs

Founded in 1957, Tanabe Consulting Group was the first management consulting company in Japan. For more than six decades, it has helped midsize and large enterprises develop management strategies that improve operations. Tanabe Consulting has a strong presence throughout Japan, operating in regions from Hokkaido to Okinawa.


Tanabe Consulting Group


Osaka, Japan


10.572 billion JPY


500 to 999




AS/400-Based Software


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The switch to NetSuite has eliminated the need for development time, leading to a significant reduction in staffing costs.” Nobuyoshi Tsuzuki, Executive Officer, Tanabe Consulting Group

A Consultancy Consolidates Operations

Local knowledge dominates national market
Tanabe Consulting has continued to lead the way in management consulting in Japan, providing corporate strategy and modernising technology for customers in a wide range of industries. It remains the only firm with consultants based all over the country, ensuring exceptional customer service and local know-how.
Disjointed systems hamper operations
The firm was using an outdated and highly customised on-premises ERP solution, along with eight other systems, to run the business across its 10 offices. These systems didn’t integrate with each other, and they required a dedicated maintenance team of 50 support and technical staff.
One solution, many results
The company replaced its nine disparate systems with NetSuite ERP four years ago, reducing licencing costs by 30%. It was able to redeploy 20 of those support staff to its new CRM department, where they were tasked with refining the lead generation process. As a result, Tanabe Consulting saw a 28% uptick in leads and a corresponding increase in consulting orders.
A paperless future
With NetSuite as the central source of its financial and customer data, Tanabe Consulting Group is planning to go paperless and support a fully remote working environment — a significant feat in a nation where many businesses still rely on paperwork. A central part of this ‘Smart DX’ program is creating online forms for signing and exchanging contracts with customers, suppliers, and partners. This project will use third-partner integrations, and the data will be stored in NetSuite. The firm is ready to tackle this project, confident that all data will be safely stored in NetSuite.


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