Tableau Software Soars from Startup to Global Enterprise with NetSuite

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QuickBooks, Excel


NetSuite OneWorld
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"It was very important to have a solution that could scale and grow with us. NetSuite is reliable, it's organised, it can be counted on and it's made a lot of things so much easier. Now that we're on OneWorld, it's an amasingly efficient way to manage our global finances and operations." Tableau Software

Customer Success

  • As an early-stage company in 2008, Tableau selected NetSuite as a scalable cloud ERP platform capable of supporting strong growth leading towards an IPO.
  • The strategic decision was geared to avoid the disruption of upgrading systems in the middle of a growth curve and the burdens of on-premise software and servers.
  • Since 2008, Tableau has grown its revenue nearly 17x, from $13.2 million to $232.4 million in 2013, while its workforce has grown from 99 to more than 1,200 employees.
  • Financial controls and accountability in NetSuite helped position the company for a successful $254.2 million IPO in May 2013.
  • Fast-growing Tableau has significantly increased its business efficiency and visibility, enabling focus on core competencies of superior software and service.
  • Live in 2011, NetSuite OneWorld has enabled Tableau to streamline management, financial consolidation and reporting across subsidiaries in London, Dublin, Tokyo, Singapore, Australia, Canada, France and Germany.
  • Tableau has eliminated labourious manual processes in Excel for global consolidation and reporting with NetSuite OneWorld.
  • Automated exports of NetSuite data to Tableau's own visual analytics software supports ad hoc analysis for data-driven decision-making.
  • NetSuite Revenue Recognition has streamlined management and accounting of diverse revenue streams, including subscription and traditional term licensing, while supporting audit requirements.


  • Previous solution could not support Tableau’s ambitious plans for aggressive domestic and international growth.
  • Tableau needed speed and visibility into business data to maximise its efficiency and growth potential.


  • Tableau chose NetSuite over competing Microsoft, SAP and Intacct offerings for superior scalability, functionality and customisability in a cloud ERP platform.
  • Rich NetSuite APIs enable seamless integration between NetSuite ERP and Tableau’s CRM system.
  • Solution for sales tax automation from NetSuite partner Avalara improves compliance while eliminating tedious work.

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