Spindrift Preps for Even More Growth With Seamless Inventory Management and Unmatched Data Access in NetSuite

Spindrift Beverage Co. began over 12 years ago in the founder’s kitchen. At first, the sparkling water made with real squeezed fruit appeared only in Boston-area shops and delis. Today, Spindrift products are available nationwide, both in stores and online, at major retailers from Trader Joe’s to Target, Publix, and Costco. As a company, Spindrift recently cracked into the top 10 brands in their category out of a competitive national set and launched a spiked seltzer line.


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“NetSuite’s biggest differentiator is that it has a wide range of tools and capabilities far beyond what we needed to implement on day one. That gives us confidence that NetSuite will continue to meet our needs as our business continues to evolve.” Scott Chandler, CFO, Spindrift Beverage Co., Inc

Top Sparkling Beverage Brand Prepares to Sweep Its Category

From 5 tools to 1
Spindrift’s initial operation was fairly simple — they worked with just a few manufacturing locations and so were able to get by with QuickBooks until revenues reached $150 million. They also used Fishbowl for inventory, two ecommerce plugins, and an invoicing tool. When system-to-system connection hurdles became increasingly frequent, Spindrift began evaluating ERP systems.
Careful evaluation leads to NetSuite
Spindrift evaluated systems from NetSuite, Sage, Microsoft, and SAP. With an eye toward enabling the company’s continued growth, leadership carefully investigated how each system would potentially support new business models, new markets, additional entities, and supply chain and production tasks — and ultimately chose NetSuite ERP. Spindrift now handles inventory, accounting, procurement, and more in NetSuite, refining their use of the system with training from NetSuite Learning Cloud Support (LCS). Post-implementation, NetSuite Advanced Customer Support (ACS) helped the team optimise their NetSuite use with projects like EDI integrations and specialised reporting.
Tracking inventory and costs across co-packers
Spindrift’s inventory management has seen some of the biggest impacts of the new system. For example, when raw materials moved between manufacturing locations and warehouses, their old systems didn’t always properly recognise and categorise those freight movements for accounting purposes. With NetSuite Inventory Management, Spindrift can accurately track and manage these operating costs, even as their production network has gotten more expansive.
Analytics and integrations for the Spindrift of the future
Spindrift anticipates their business model becoming more complex, especially as their spiked seltzer business grows. When that happens, teams will tap further into NetSuite SuiteAnalytics for deeper insights on performance of an expanded product portfolio. Meanwhile, as Spindrift considers adopting more best-in-class business tools, leadership has found that most integrate seamlessly with NetSuite. They’ve built a road map of enhancements to add in each of the coming years, confident NetSuite will enable Spindrift to continue on an upward growth trajectory.

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