Spectronics Relies on NetSuite OneWorld for Improved Customer Service, Increased Marketing ROI, and International Integration





Underwood, Queensland, Australia


Education, Healthcare, Retail

Applications Replaced

QuickBooks, Outlook, custom Access databases, eventsPro


NetSuite OneWorld

"It was obvious to us that the other products were stitched together. NetSuite is built to be integrated from the ground up." Keiran O'Leary, Systems Manager and NetSuite Administrator, Spectronics

Customer Success

  • Always-available Web client access frees Spectronics from the vagaries of VPNs, removing operational bottlenecks between international offices.
  • Thanks to fully integrated processes and data, customer support team now understands the entire customer lifecycle, leading to faster resolution of additional purchases, warranty claims, and service inquiries.
  • Training and therapy consultants offer faster, more accurate guidance due to complete access to customer profile and purchase history, eliminating the need to build new profiles for each contact.
  • Marketing ROI has increased due to better customer data integration and superior targeting capabilities through NetSuite's CRM capabilities.
  • Integration with fulfilment and workflow systems through SuiteTalk keeps all of Spectronics' enterprise systems up-to-date, presenting a reliable and trustworthy experience to Spectronics' partners and customers.


  • Customisations to Microsoft Outlook for contact management were pushing the boundaries of the software.
  • VPN solution for multi-user access to corporate systems was a serious bottleneck.
  • Information was siloed on a departmental basis, with very little integration and no data integrity between systems.
  • Siloed data required manual hunts through the organisation for the right person and right system to answer interdepartmental customer queries, leading to inefficiencies and slow response.
  • Highly competitive field demanded the ability to differentiate Spectronics from others based on strong processes and market-leading customer service.


  • NetSuite delivers end-to-end integration and data integrity on-premise solutions lack.
  • NetSuite OneWorld's seamless international consolidation capabilities enable Spectronics to adhere to tax regulations requiring careful reconciliation of operations in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Extensibility of NetSuite OneWorld creates a clear and easy path to future expansion into other Asia/Pacific markets, with no need to invest in additional IT infrastructure.
  • Spectronics required a solution with strong customisation and integration capabilities, which was delivered by NetSuite's SuiteCloud Developer Tools.
  • All of Spectronics' 30 employees are NetSuite users.

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