Plant-Care Startup Chooses NetSuite to Manage Growth Across Borders

Sowvital grew out of founder Jack Lewis’s motivation to pioneer a new product range in the premium horticultural space. The brand specialises in best-in-class fertilisers, tools, and accessories for cultivating an urban oasis. Lewis drew on his legal and business backgrounds to launch Sowvital in 2022. The London-based company has curated a wellness routine to encourage its customers to care for both their plants and themselves. Sowvital uses only the best ingredients, like the ancient oil Aomori Hiba Essensia, to make showstopping products like its House Plant Elixir, which is packed with macro- and micronutrients.

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"From the start, I saw NetSuite as an essential investment that would deliver long-term returns." Jack Lewis, CEO, Sowvital

Sowvital Uses ERP From the Ground Up

A lifestyle wunderkind
Sowvital launched with a fully custom ecommerce site, followed by pop-up shops in London, Paris, and New York, as well as partnerships with prestigious retailers such as Le Bon Marché in Paris and American lifestyle company Goop. Blending direct-to-consumer ecommerce and a physical presence has proven a winning strategy; inbound enquiries about stocking Sowvital have increased tenfold from a captivated global audience.
The business system to grow on
Before Sowvital launched, Lewis identified that working efficiently across the UK, France, and the United States would mean having the ability to track inventory in real time. Lewis also knew that in order to plot and execute a focused and adaptable growth path, he would need access to accurate, contemporary business performance data. Sowvital therefore adopted NetSuite OneWorld as its first business system. Crucially, this gives Lewis and his senior team 100% visibility, from each purchase order all the way to companywide finances, allowing Sowvital to quickly and confidently scale.
Rooted in efficiency
The team knows that since industry best practices are baked into NetSuite, Sowvital’s operations are built on proven efficient processes. They use NetSuite in a plethora of ways, from inventory and warehouse management to cash flow, payments, reconciliation, and financial forecasting. The system is especially helpful in reordering raw materials from Sowvital’s multiple suppliers, tracking demand so that Sowvital always has enough material on-hand for its production line to fulfil rapidly growing order volumes.
Seeds of success
Sowvital continues to expand in Europe and into the US, prioritising relationships with new partner companies that also use NetSuite. The team looks forward to taking advantage of new capabilities and functionality with each biannual NetSuite release, especially looking to refine its retailer and stakeholder relationship management through interactive portals. The team also aims to discover the potential of marketing and campaign management functionality in its drive toward cross-departmental integration into a centralised NetSuite world.


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