NetSuite Helps Growing Software Maker Cut Administrative Costs by 30%





Austin, TX



Applications Replaced

QuickBooks, Excel, custom programming


NetSuite OneWorld

"We needed more than just a good accounting solution. We had to responsibly manage growth, and NetSuite provided the business application infrastructure to do exactly that." SolarWinds

Customer Success

  • Cut administrative costs by 30% with simplified billing, while continuing to grow.
  • Achieved 3-month ROI with NetSuite.
  • Instant visibility across customers, geographies, products, and employees.
  • NetSuite resource planning helps to handle double the customer support caseload, without having to increase staff at the same rate.


  • Global software maker had difficulty keeping up with accounting demands of 60,000 customers in 170 countries.
  • Complex revenue-reporting requirements compounded by variations in currencies, taxes, and accounting-compliance regulations.
  • Fragmented IT software hindered performance and reliability of financial reporting.


  • Replaced QuickBooks, spreadsheets, and custom programming with NetSuite OneWorld.
  • International roll out in just 6 months to 10 subsidiaries in North America, Ireland, Czech Republic and Singapore.
  • Implementation included order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, customer support tracking, and integration with
  • Managing complex revenue recognition rules directly in NetSuite, instead of relying on spreadsheets to insure compliance.

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