South African Games Distributor Plays on Growth

Solarpop, a games wholesaler in South Africa that distributes popular table-top board games and toys, has been steadily growing as it continues to expand and supply over 400 retailers throughout Africa. Following a merger in 2016, the combined company decided to replace a mix of legacy accounting systems. NetSuite’s cloud-based solution was better suited to dealing with multiple offices and numerous staff spread out geographically, as well as the need for managing and tracking extensive customer back-orders and pre-orders, issuing complex invoices and generating purchase orders to over seventy overseas suppliers in their respective currencies.

Solarpop Distribution


Solarpop Distribution


Cape Town, South Africa



Systems replaced

QuickBooks and Pastel

NetSuite Products Implemented

NetSuite OneWorld
Advanced Inventory

Implementation Partner

BlueBridge One


South Africa


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“With NetSuite, we have a stronger system to handle core accounting, as well as modules to support wholesale distribution. We’ve managed to get NetSuite to do everything we required, and much more. The flexibility of the system is a big plus. Responsiveness is impressive with no latency or lag. It’s a high-performing system that’s very stable, with no downtime.” Fabio Salvador, Sales and Operations Director, Solarpop Distribution

Three-Month NetSuite Implementation Configured by BlueBridge One

A tighter control of inventory
Additional modules, including software to help manage inventory and wholesale distribution, have enabled Solarpop to improve core business processes. The ease with which it can now merge supplier and shipping bills to determine landed costs and the constant monitoring of goods received into multiple warehouses has led to tighter control of inventory and overall reductions in the cost of stock.
Introducing new processes and efficiencies
Embracing the merger and new roles, the NetSuite system has delivered staff improved ways of working and valuable information that’s helped them do their jobs more efficiently: “NetSuite provides us with some clever analysis of inventory and shipments. But it’s not just about taking data out; it’s also about adding value, such as introducing new processes and ways of doing business. It’s something we appreciate that a growing, small to medium-size business has to be able to do.”
Configured quickly by a NetSuite partner
Without any dedicated IT skills to speak of, Solarpop valued the added support of BlueBridge One, a local partner, who helped configure and evolve the system to specific requirements. “They have a lot of experience in dealings with companies like us and the implementation took just three months to complete.”


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