Software AG Standardises on NetSuite OpenAir As Platform for Global Professional Services

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NetSuite OpenAir

"Not having to worry if the data is correct has freed us up to focus on higher strategic values such as how to efficiently manage a project, forecasting, and revenue recognition." Software AG

Customer Success

  • Integration of accounting and professional services helps project managers improve resource utilisation through real-time views of budgets and schedules.
  • Automated time-tracking and invoicing frees up project managers to deal with more strategic issues such as profitability forecasting.
  • One office predicts an 8% savings in administrative overhead as a result of NetSuite OpenAir's integration.
  • NetSuite OpenAir provides consistent, global customer service for Software AG's offices.


  • Software AG international offices were using a combination of legacy business tools and homegrown software to manage professional services projects.
  • Managers were unable to track budgets and schedules, so resource utilisation suffered.
  • Offices required extra headcount to deal with the complexities of spreadsheets and standalone project management software packages.


  • After a series of tests in offices across six focus countries, Software AG decided to standardise on NetSuite OpenAir to serve as its global professional services platform.
  • Each international office is now unified on the corporate NetSuite OpenAir system.
  • Software AG uses NetSuite OpenAir's common knowledge base as the core of its global support infrastructure.

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