SADA Consolidates on ERP for Two Years of Dramatic Growth

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Los Angeles, SADA Systems is a professional services provider and reseller of cloud computing solutions, software services, and licences. The company started out providing services mostly to small companies, then grew into a Microsoft partner. Now all-in with Google Cloud, SADA provides resale and services for products like Google Workspace and Maps with multiple specialisations.


SADA Systems


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Professional Services


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“It would've been very hard to accommodate ever-changing business requirements over the past three years if NetSuite weren’t so agile and customisable.” Tigran Shahnazaryan, Director of Business Systems, SADA Systems

Major Solutions Provider Creates Efficiencies Throughout Its Complex Business

Disconnected systems limit operations
SADA previously used QuickBooks for accounting, Microsoft for CRM, and other standalone business tools in various departments. Sales handled most of its operations offline, in spreadsheets. With SADA’s mix of disconnected systems, gaining full control over data input, auditing, and reporting was next to impossible.
Seamless revenue recognition and sales workflows
SADA chose NetSuite as a powerful ERP on which to consolidate operations, creating the kinds of efficiencies that would fuel growth. NetSuite OneWorld and NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management simplified SADA’s complex revenue recognition processes involving multiple subsidiaries and third-party partnerships. Sales teams use NetSuite CRM for their entire process, from logging opportunities to invoicing customers, in a single system rich with insights.
Connections and customisations
SADA uses SuiteAnalytics Connect(opens in a new tab) to extract data from NetSuite and transfer it to a data warehouse for analysis, such as drawing out patterns in the metrics around a given sales opportunity. The business has also customised NetSuite and taken advantage of integrations for impressive efficiency gains: For example, the process required to invoice customers based on usage previously took two weeks and now takes just a few hours.
Exceptional growth and counting
SADA has grown dramatically over the past two years, an achievement leadership attributes partly to NetSuite. The business plans to continue refining its use of the system, configuring role-based dashboards for all employees that display only the metrics and tasks relevant to them. By focusing on efficient processes at scale, SADA is poised for even more growth.

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