Beach Hut Sunblock Maker Shines with NetSuite

Naturale Labs


Naturale Labs


Manila, Philippines


Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing

Applications Replaced

Manual Processes, Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Inventory Management
Supply Chain




Pasig, Philippines

"NetSuite provides us with great transparency into inventory and sales that we never had in our previous environment. We’ve eliminated a great deal of manual work and can focus more time and resources on growing the business." Naturale Labs

Customer Success

  • Naturale Labs is using NetSuite to run mission-critical business processes in the cloud including financials, sales reporting, order and inventory management, distribution and purchasing from suppliers and manufacturers.
  • The company is now able to efficiently manage distribution to retailers that offer Beach Hut products in more than 3,000 supermarket, convenience stores and other retail locations in the Philippines.
  • Naturale Labs gained real-time monitoring of sales and inventory across multiple locations, enabling the company to ensure that its network of retail partners are stocked with Beach Hut sun lotion according to seasonal demands.
  • With NetSuite, the company improved its business speed and precision while gaining the flexibility for further expansion in the Philippines and internationally.
  • Dramatically reduced manual processes in its local operations, gaining the efficiency it needed in order to focus on more strategic business initiatives.


  • Naturale Labs was previously relying on manual processes with Excel spreadsheets, email and paper reports.
  • As the business grew and complexity increased, the company faced process delays and limited visibility because of its manual, time-consuming and potentially error-prone mix of systems.
  • Naturale Labs lacked a single unified source of reliable, real-time data to inform business decisions, imposing limitations to Naturale Labs’ profitability and growth potential.
  • Naturale Labs suffered from a failed implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which was never fully deployed because of time and cost overrun issues.


  • NetSuite was implemented in February 2015 with the help of CloudTech, a 5-Star NetSuite Solution Provider partner in the Philippines.
  • Naturale Labs selected NetSuite’s unified cloud solution to manage all core business functions and avoiding the need for costly on-premise IT systems and staff that would be required with an alternative in-house approach.

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