NetSuite Helps Cosmetics Educator Cut Overhead While Growing Retail Business





Valencia, Calif.


Retail, Education, Health & Beauty, Cosmetics

Applications Replaced

Microsoft Dynamics Navision



"We're saving time and money in a number of areas, and NetSuite is ready when we want to grow even more." MUD

Customer Success

  • Even as the business adds sales volume, NetSuite integration has helped MUD improve reporting accuracy and cut as much as 10 days from monthly closing times.
  • Web sales, which floundered with the old system, have grown by more than 900% with NetSuite.
  • An automated order-processing workflow has helped MUD cut processing times for complex orders from an hour or more to just a few minutes.
  • NetSuite now lets MUD post fully detailed Web orders to accounting as they come in; previously, manually processing line-item details was so difficult that MUD held them for batch processing at the end of the month.
  • Inventory is now updated instantly as new orders arrive, rather than waiting as much as a month for manual updates with the old software.
  • NetSuite's process automation helps MUD post new products to the website in just 30 seconds, rather than the hour or more it would have taken with the old system.
  • MUD can now create instant promotion codes to take advantage of spur-of-the-moment market opportunities, something that was too difficult to do with the previous system.


  • Innovative cosmetics company wanted to add retail sales to education business, but was hindered by fragmented business software and a multi-channel business model that included education, wholesale and retail sales.
  • Web sales were limited by the need for manual re-keying of orders into accounting, and the difficulty in posting new products to the website.


  • NetSuite allows MUD to continue its evolution into light manufacturing by simply turning on the appropriate NetSuite module.
  • NetSuite inventory management aggregates the inventory needs of MUD's various sales channels, automatically flagging management when inventory levels need replenishment.
  • NetSuite supports multi-website management through a single interface, so MUD can easily add to its current pair of websites in the future.

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