Motorcycle Gear Retailer Revs Its Sales on NetSuite's Integrated Commerce Solution

Jafrum International


Jafrum International


Charlotte, NC


Retailer of motorcycle helmets, jackets, luggage and other gear


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NetSuite SuiteCommerce
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"We're glad we went with NetSuite when we were small so we didn't have to switch from standalone applications several years later. We went with NetSuite because it had everything in a single solution—ecommerce, accounting, CRM, inventory and more." Jafrum International

Customer Success

  • Jafrum gained a fast on-ramp to business success by implementing NetSuite in 2004 as it expanded its motorcycle gear business beyond eBay to include its own online webstore.
  • Jafrum has steadily grown multi-channel sales across its web storefront, eBay and Amazon with NetSuite SuiteCommerce as a single point of management and content publishing.
  • Business efficiency improved with a single integrated system covering ecommerce, financials, inventory and order management, CRM and marketing.
  • Real-time visibility and reporting on sales, customers, inventory and suppliers helps optimise processes for greater profitability.
  • Integrated inventory and ecommerce simplifies Jafrum's growth in expanding its stock of 5,000 SKUs to include motorcycle parts.
  • Website traffic soared 59 percent from 2011 to 2012 in part through SEO optimisation capabilities in NetSuite and use of built-in marketing tools.
  • Marketing emails encouraging customers to review products they have purchased is helping drive site traffic, time on site and conversion.
  • Company saved 1 FTE in IT with NetSuite's cloud solution vs. on-premise software and servers.
  • Web-based cloud solution supports cost-efficient distributed business model of overseas contractors for catalogue, design and customer service on NetSuite.


  • Jafrum wanted to expand its business beyond sales on eBay but did not want to take on the time and expense of on-premise solutions.
  • QuickBooks and a standalone webstore were unappealing because of the manual business processes required to manage and manipulate data in multiple systems.


  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce with integrated back- and front-office systems automates and streamlines inventory, order management, fulfilment and CRM.
  • OzLINK fulfilment and billing SuiteApp from NetSuite partner Oz Development helps automate FedEx shipping and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Jafrum takes advantage of such NetSuite features as content management, saved searches, emailing saved searches, customisability to business needs, custom fields, custom forms, mass updates, quantity pricing and reports.

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