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NetSuite CRM+

"With NetSuite, our salespeople can organise their workday, and we can deliver sales quotes that are impressively accurate. This provides our customers with truly professional service and allows us to work at top efficiency." Guitar Center Pro

Customer Success

  • In five years GC Pro has grown from 12 to 42 offices.
  • Increased sales efficiency helping company to achieve 12% annual growth rate in a difficult economy.
  • Improved pipeline efficiency has reduced quote-administration time for sales representatives from 5 hours per week to just 1 hour.
  • NetSuite pipeline analysis reports help sales representatives increase effectiveness by organising day to meet with most important customers.


  • Manual handling of complex sales quotes was hindering growth of the business.
  • Sales of equipment and services to recording studios and live venues require extended contract negotiations.
  • Sales people had to regularly re-negotiate contracts because of customer changes or corrections to low-level details of original quotes.
  • Quotation system consisted of Excel spreadsheets pinned to bulletin boards.
  • Sales people had difficulty focusing on most promising prospects.


  • GC Pro chose NetSuite CRM+ over three other competing products.
  • NetSuite integration let GC Pro build automated, four-stage quote pipeline.
  • NetSuite dashboards give GC Pro sales people and department managers visibility and analysis tools for maximising pipeline efficiency.
  • Dashboards also let GC Pro create customised, role-specific dashboards for key managers of parent company.

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