GameWear Scores a Winning Solution for Growth with NetSuite





Hoboken, N.J.


Manufacturing, Ecommerce, Distribution

Applications Replaced

QuickBooks Enterprise, PVG Commerce

"NetSuite gave us the ability to scale. I firmly believe that if business doubled overnight, we could handle that growth with NetSuite." GameWear

Customer Success

  • NetSuite has supplied a scalable platform for rapid growth at the maker of bracelets, necklaces and other items made of sports ball materials with logos of professional and collegiate teams.
  • GameWear has grown revenue 40% since implementing NetSuite in 2011 while doubling its SKUs and sales personnel.
  • Company leveraged NetSuite flexibility to introduce a new line of pet-oriented products in 2013, adding 1,500 SKUs for a total of 5,000.
  • NetSuite has streamlined order-to-cash processes as GameWear grew its number of retail partner locations to more than 7,500 in North America.
  • GameWear has eliminated raw materials ordering delays of up to nine weeks with NetSuite inventory management.
  • GameWear has reduced stockout research by seven hours per week while accelerating cash flow by three weeks.
  • Real-time inventory data enables GameWear to advise customers of shipping delays for out-of-stock goods on its NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced webstore.
  • Trigger-based email marketing through NetSuite drives sales based on unified record of customer purchase history.
  • NetSuite Work Orders and Assemblies helps GameWear perform light production on about 20 percent of goods at its New Jersey facility.
  • With NetSuite, GameWear automatically imports and processes orders on continuous cycle, improving shipment times and customer satisfaction.
  • Royalty and commission reporting cut from four hours to four minutes with NetSuite analysis.
  • NetSuite automation simplifies formerly labour-intensive purchase order generation for orders with overseas manufacturers.


  • QuickBooks performance grew painfully slow as transaction volumes, SKUs and customer records grew.
  • Lack of integration between QuickBooks and PVG Commerce led to duplicated effort and flawed order management.
  • Orders batch-processed only once per 24 hours, leading to unnecessary shipment delays.
  • Lack of visibility led to costly trans-Pacific research for minor order exceptions and stockouts, impairing margins.
  • Comparable on-premise systems with comprehensive inventory, ERP, CRM and ecommerce capabilities looked too expensive.


  • NetSuite met GameWear's needs to handle complex requirements and growth at an affordable price.
  • GameWear streamlines transactions with large retail partners with an electronic data interchange solution from NetSuite partner SPS Commerce.
  • Integrated customer records make all customer contacts visible from single interface, improving relationship clarity.

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