Empired's Growth Skyrockets 173% with NetSuite

Empired Ltd


Empired Ltd


Perth, Australia




NetSuite OneWorld
Service Resource Planning (SRP)

Applications Replaced

Salesforce.com, QuickBooks, Replicon Timesheets and Scheduling, and two in-house systems

"NetSuite replaced six legacy business systems with a fully integrated management system that is delivering accurate, real-time business and financial management information. The implementation was very fast and cost-effective, with reasonably low ongoing management costs as well. We can now take advantage of a multitude of market growth opportunities faster to help us achieve our growth goals." Mark Waller, Chief Financial Officer, Empired

Customer Success

  • NetSuite proved fast to implement, with relatively low implementation and ongoing management costs.
  • Empired posted a record 173% increase in half-year earnings in 2012 compared with the previous half year period due to an accelerated growth trajectory resulting from better visibility and delivery of new business opportunities.
  • Empired's customer management cycle from new business opportunity closure through scheduling employees, project management and closure, sending invoices to receiving payment, is faster and more efficient. These efficiencies bought cash receipt forward enabling more efficient use of capital and reduced the administrative burden on management personnel.
  • Empired's customers are more satisfied by its ability to rapidly deliver richer business data.
  • Empired's 200-strong team needed minimal training to be able to use NetSuite's system, with customisation able to be done in-house.


  • Empired's six different business systems were costing too much time and money, while choking its customer lifecycle.
  • Empired was managing up to three databases for the same information leading to inaccurate management reporting and unnecessary administrative burden.
  • Empired passed on new business opportunities due to lack of real-time visibility of its current resource capacity and forward looking resource plans.
  • Resources were often underutilised as Empired lacked the visibility to quickly track resource availability.


  • After a year long search, Empired chose NetSuite OneWorld SRP over Oracle, SAP and Microsoft solutions, because of its ease of use, simpler installation process, as well as significantly reduced market-entry and maintenance costs.
  • NetSuite's fully integrated solution takes Empired from customer opportunity management through project management to invoice payment, with the appropriate reporting and dashboards throughout.
  • Automated business lifecycle management tools and resource planning capability enable Empired to take advantage of emerging market growth opportunities.
  • NetSuite's cloud-based system supports Empired's national expansion plans by growing as it does—any new office can switch on to NetSuite instantly.

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