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Action Health Transforms Business, Accelerates Double-Digit Growth with NetSuite

After 35 years in business and two generations of ownership, the wholesale packaging distributor Action Health came to a crossroads—evolve and grow, or maintain business as usual and risk its future. When the founder’s grandson took over in 2013, he confronted a 20-year-old ERP system miring the business in inefficiencies and making growth impossible. Perpetuating his family’s legacy would require a scalable, agile platform to empower growth.


Action Health


Bensenville, Ill.


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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

NetSuite Products Implemented

WMS Lite
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“We have seen a 20% improvement to employee productivity from WMS Lite and the related process changes. We have also had an 85% improvement to our inventory accuracy measured by change in our average error rate of cycle counts which was around 3.5%, and it’s now down to 0.5%. ” Phil Negri, CFO, Action Health

NetSuite as Change Agent


Visibility to make difficult decisions

The business implemented NetSuite in 2014 and gained crucial efficiencies in financial and warehouse management processes, as well as the end-to-end visibility its business needed to make the difficult decision to sell its retail division and focus solely on health care packaging goods, rebranding from Action Bag to Action Health.


Enter growth mode

Since implementing NetSuite, Action Health has experienced double digit growth. Newly streamlined processes, such as mobilised warehouse management and same-day shipping and billing, allow the business to reflect savings in its products that empower it to compete with much larger distributors.


Poised for industry leadership

With NetSuite as its partner, Action Health has everything it needs to accelerate its growth plans—a technology foundation to attract talent, a platform that scales and real-time access to data to empower innovation and expansion in its product line.


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